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I love playing the trumpet and keyboards. I started when I was 8 and have played on and off for my entire life. I was taught by Albert Whetstein of the Royal Canadian Brass and Edward Gibble (He taught me what it was to play with style). I also love to compose. Most of my music is instrumental and in the electronic and classical genres.

My influences are Al Hirt, Herb Alpert, Maynard Ferguson, Miles Davis, Freddie Hubbard, Allen Vizzutti, Wynton Marsalis, Dizzy Gilespie and Arturo Sandoval. Each of them has shown me a different way to hear and play music.

One other interesting thing that describes is that I turn to alternative medicine first when I get sick. Not many people even consider this as an option, but overtime and through past experiences it has proven itself to me as a safe and effective choice. If you would like a good source of information on the topic online, you can go here to check out alternative medicine. I’ve attended music school at Combs College of Music, University of Pennsylvania, Bloomsburg and Hillsdale College. I learned audio engineering at Kajem Studios in Philadelphia and I am proficient at several software tools such as Reason 9, Komplete 9, Cakewalk Pro and Sibelius 7.5.  I have a small project studio at home where I record and teach.

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